The Photography Studio

The Photography Studio is a full service studio located in Lincoln City OR, that offers portrait, wedding, event, commercial, and performance photography services; as well as high quality prints. The Photography Studio is a combined creation of two photography studios, JAKs Photography Studio by Jeri Knudson and Blue Water Photography by Bob Gibson. After collaborating on multiple photography projects of different subjects, Bob and Jeri joined together to create the Photography Studio back in 2019. The Photography Studio’s goal from the beginning of its inception has been to provide premier photography service, as well as a high quality curated selection of fine art prints. 


Sadly back in early January of 2022 Jeri passed away, but her passion and love for photography continues to live on through her granddaughter Keara. Keara is a newer photographer but her experience and age doesn’t keep her from capturing moments and creating her own photography style. Keara is going to be showcasing some of her work on the website and learning along the way from Bob. 


Though things are changing, Bob is committed to maintaining the quality of prints and high standards that Jeri and he worked so hard to establish. While moving towards the future and new creative projects. 

Bob Gibson

“The creation of still photography has given us the ability to capture a very thin slice of reality that can never be replicated, allowing moments to be frozen in time in only fractions of a second.” – Bob Gisbon


Bob’s longtime fascination with photography has led him in many directions, he is a full time photographer and owner of the Photography Studio. Whether it is photographing seascapes along the Oregon Coast, nature scenes from the Portland Japanese Garden, to performing musician and street scenes Bob looks for the light, connection and gesture within each image. He crafts his photographs to encourage the viewer to think about the subject and look beyond the edges of the image. 

  The Photography Studio is a full service photo studio, with in house printing,  located in Lincoln City, Oregon. The Studio provides portrait, wedding, family, event, commercial and performance photography services; as well as high quality professional prints. 


Jeri Knudson

Jeri Knudson was a co-founder and co-owner of The Photography Studio, and in early 2022 she sadly passed away. Jeri transitioned from a successful career in human resources to owning her own studio and establishing herself as a talented, creative and much sought after professional photographer. Jeri’s body of work includes Oregon landscapes, seascapes, garden photography and musical performances; as well as street photography from Portland, OR and New Orleans, LA. 

Jeri had a creative photographer’s eye that allowed her to capture images with colours, textures and the vibrancy that she saw in the surrounding world. Her sensitivity to the surrounding environment allowed Jeri to create photographs with wonder, excitement, and enchantment. The Photography Studio will forever miss Jeri and her loving energy, and is committed to remembering and celebrating the work that she left us and the passion she had for this art form. Jeri’s journey may have ended but her legacy and love for photography continues on in her granddaughter Keara, who is going to be joining the Studio to grow and develop her own craft and style of photography with the professional guidance and knowledge The Photography Studio has to offer.