Urban photography to me is capturing the “mundane” everyday moments and movement of life in cities. Around ever corner you go there is something new happening and something new to experience. Cities are living things in themselves, every waking moment of the day something is happening in a city. Even when the people are asleep, they are alive and ever changing; from union workers starting their shift before the sunrise, to families getting brunch and even to the dense night culture so many thrive off of. Each one has it’s own personality and point of view; from the graffiti and political street art, to architecture, and even the residence living in the area. 

The reason I love urban photography is because it is ever changing, so it’s constantly a learning process and challenge. Sometimes a bus will cross your view frame right when you hit the button to capture something, and just like that the moment is over. There is no redoing in urban shooting, there is only moving forward and looking for the next moment.